Play Alesha: New Drama Theater in Pechersk

Play Alesha: New Drama Theater in Pechersk

Alyosha is a modern interpretation of the novel by Dostoevsky Karamazov Brothers. Eternal questions that rise over the years do not lose their relevance. Fathers, children, the problems of their relationship at different times were not easy. The director of the play Alesha - Elena Lazovich, young actors Yekaterina Kisten, Alena Mamchur, Yulia Persuta, Maria Tepikova, Dariya Tvoronovich and others take part in the production. Novyj-teatr-na-Pecherske_400w_250h.jpg
The ticket price is 120 UAH.
When: March 28, 19:00
Where: The New Drama Theater in Pechersk, Nemirova-Danchenko Street, 5

Author: Погрибная Инна
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