Performance Two on the swing

Performance Two on the swing

This is a story that will make everyone think about something ... An amazing meeting of two lonely people in a big and bustling New York ... She is a talented girl who has long dreamed of fame and dancing, but now she hardly makes ends meet with the ends. He has behind him a ruined marriage and a collapsed career ... 1443532204_ImageBig636622625127163644.jpg
He almost completely lost faith in himself. They have completely different lives, different galaxies and the past. Nevertheless, they, lonely and disappointed, find in each other's embrace the further meaning of life and peace. But will they be able to heal each other's wounds and become one whole? Or is it a temporary treatment, an opportunity to at least for a short time find peace and soar over life's difficulties and sorrows ... Answers to these questions will be able to find viewers of the play Two on a swing.
The cost is 150 UAH.
When: August 8, 19:00
Where: Studio Theater Millennium, avenue Grigorenko, 26 A

Author: Погрибная Инна
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