The generals in skirts play
12.09.2017 - 12.09.2017

The generals in skirts play

Intrigues, frivolities, surprising and unusual turns

Based on Jean Anouil's play

A humorous and witty performance about women's emancipation The generals in skirts have been collecting spectators in the Koleso Theater for 25 years, it does not lose its relevance and sharpness. What is its secret? Intrigues, frivolities, amazing and unusual twists of life, comic situations and jokes that make the hall laugh heartily. The play, based on the play of Jean Anouil, tells about what will happen when women come to power. How will the strong half of humanity look at these changes, will the world become kinder or turn into an endless stream of insults and impermanence. It is not for nothing that this show has come to the liking of Ukrainian, American, Polish viewers, for whom the history of feminism and the world is also relevant at any time.


Price: 180 UAH
When: September 12, 13, 19:00
Where: Theater Koleso

Author: Погрибная Инна
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