Performance Gay Pride (Wild Theater)

Performance Gay Pride (Wild Theater)

The performance with such an interesting and unusual name is a sarcastic story about stereotypes and tariffs. This is the usual Kiev, the capital's usual Khrushchev, an ordinary family. A teacher, a father who is in active search of work, a couple of spinogryzov-parasites, a kum-homophobe and the most common problems of an ordinary family - a constant lack of money for a communal. But one day everything changes radically and the family is offered an unusual, but very, very profitable subsidy. That's just to get it, the whole family must completely change their lives ... What this all ends - you can find out by watching this fascinating comedy. Excellent mood - guaranteed to all! u-kievi-vidbulasya-premera-vistavi-gey-parad-2442-3-4605.jpg
Ticket price: 100 - 250 UAH.
When: March 29, 20:00
Where: Malaya Opera, st. Degtyarevskaya, 5

Author: Погрибная Инна
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