Guys do not dance striptease play

Guys do not dance striptease play

When there is no money and no job ...

Or maybe they dance...

What unites bandit SWAT officer unemployed, bankrupt businessman and musician? The desire to establish a life and your financial situation. It is because they are having behind various drama and adventure, we decided to start a new life, linking it with ... male striptease! All of them, no experience in such a piquant fact, begin a long and comical way of learning, because to be a star in the elite striptease - very good prospects. Watching this process, the viewer plenty nasmeёtsya a year in advance, so do not miss the opportunity to see this spectacular show.


Price: from 150 hryvnia
Where: Central House of Officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
When: March 5 at 20:00

Author: Погрибная Инна
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