Performance Perfume in the House of the Artist

Performance Perfume in the House of the Artist

Director Vladimir Dalwan

Another look at the story

This is known to many, a little eerie story about a talented perfumer. The play in Kiev will allow us to look at history in a completely different way: to see in the main hero not a murderer, but a genius of one's own business. Director Vladimir Dalvan, using a minimum of scenery and a small space, managed to convey the whole atmosphere, capturing the audience from the first replicas, made then cry, then laugh, then adore, then hate the main character. The director managed to convey his own view of the well-known story and the fate of Grenouille.


Price: from 70 to 250 hryvnia
When: March 25, 19:00
Where: Artist's House

Author: Погрибная Инна
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