Tapolskyi v Shakhte

Tapolskyi v Shakhte

A veteran of the Ukrainian drumnbass, DJ Tapolsky, this year decides to celebrate his birthday in a very original way. On the honor of his 42nd, he intends to sink to the ground and make a real outrage! kMTYD.jpgkMTYD.jpg
In the mine there will be two scenes, on which not only the originator of the celebration will perform, but also his numerous friends. This is a very unusual event for Ukrainians, accustomed to clubs and concert halls, an event, therefore it is not necessary to miss it. Mine, dance, drumbeiss ... In addition to a two-hour set DJ, Tappolsky will show guests his favorite films.
When: September 29, 22:00
Where: Carbon, Glushkov Avenue, 1


Author: Погрибная Инна
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