TARABAROVA in Caribbean Club

TARABAROVA in Caribbean Club

Ukrainian singer, songwriter and songwriter Svetlana Tarabarova is a sunbeam of Ukrainian variety art. Always positive, smiling and tender girl sings about the great love, kindness and all the brightest that is in our lives. That is why her Love Love Love program will be very relevant these days of February, when the Cupids fly around and do not stint on their arrows. 8a8ca33a01.jpg 
This evening the guests will hear the most romantic ballads from the repertoire of TARABAROVA, as well as the most danceable old and new hits of this wonderful singer.
Ticket price: 200 - 790 UAH
When: February 17, 19:00
Where: Caribbean Club Concert Hall, S. Petliuri 4

Author: Погрибная Инна
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