Theater production for adults Wii 2.0

Theater production for adults Wii 2.0

Together with the Tabletochki Charitable Foundation

Mystical performance from the Wild Theater

The Wild Theater together with the Tablatochka Charitable Foundation invites all non-relaxed lovers of contemporary art to get acquainted with the new variation on the theme of Gogol. Wii 2.0 is a story about two Frenchmen who came to Ukraine at the invitation of their Ukrainian facebook girlfriend, who will soon have to win the wedding. As it turns out, Viy with his centuries - this is not the worst thing that will wait for guests on a trash trip. It is worth noting that the performance is quite different from the classics - there will be a lot of scenes of violence, obscene vocabulary and smoking.


Price: 80 - 300 UAH
When: August 13, the beginning at 19:00
Where: Little Opera

Author: Погрибная Инна
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