Three anecdotes on one topic

Three anecdotes on one topic

Three anecdotes on the same topic - this is a detective comedy, in which in the center of events very, very sensitive subject - adultery! In order to fully reveal it, the writers lent the works of Ukrainian, Russian and European writers - Panas Mirny, Anton Chekhov and Stefan Zweig. 3_anekdota.jpg
These three stories are connected by the detective spies who are watching the adultery. In the play there will be not only many sharp and funny moments, but also a large number of dances and plastics. Actors who try on the life of the characters will then rush into the gypsy dance, then become passionate performers of the Argentine tango ...
When: August 25, 19:00
Where: New Ukrainian Theater (upper stage), 24 Mikhailovskaya Street

Author: Погрибная Инна
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