Circus Babar Babylon

Circus Babar Babylon

Here you can see everything

New project Dakh Daughters

Here you can see everything from air gymnasts-equilibrists and to vegeys. The actions of the circus cabaret take place on an incredibly complex mechanical stage, which consists of 8 concentric circles. These circles constantly rotate in different directions, adding spectacle and brightness to what is happening.

In the new project, the audience will see a completely new group Dakh Daughters, which will present little-known to the general public songs. Thanks to the circus they will all receive a new sound and will give a lot of emotions. From the group, it would seem, you can expect everything, but nobody expected it ...


Ticket price: from 250 UAH
When: April 27, the beginning at 19:30
Where: KPI

Author: Погрибная Инна
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