Advirtisment Weekend

Advirtisment Weekend

First event of the Year

Modern advertising has long ceased to be an exceptional tool for sales. Today’s commercials can be provocative, emotional, it is a message for all mankind. The social advertising can raise the most important and controversial social issues, raise and examine topical issues.

On 31 January and 1 February 2015 in the cinema "Kinopanorama" will be shown the most impressive social advertising. Viewers will be able to see the videos that have conquered more than one advertising festival, as well as an opportunity to get acquainted with brand new, but no less extravagant video that can touch the feelings of each of those who present.

The problem of alcohol and anti-smoking, tolerance and the environment, AIDS and healthy lifestyle, mutual aid, patriotism and family values. All of these topics will be uncovered in the "the weekend of the best social advertising" in Kinopanorama.

At the beginning of the action to the audience will speak Ukrainian professionals of the advertising industry: Sergey Vovk (founder of KAMA) and Paul Klubnikin (founder and creative director of Banda agency). In the foyer of the cinema throughout the "weekend" is a gallery of the best social printed advertising from around the world.

Date: January 31 - February 1

Time: 20:00

Location: cinema "Kinopanorama", 19 Shota Rustaveli St.


- Before the event 40 UAH;

- The day of the event 50 UAH.

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