Ukrainian Bandura Band T. Shevchenko (Detroit, USA) and National Honored Bandurist Choir of Ukraine named after them. G. Mayborody

Ukrainian Bandura Band T. Shevchenko (Detroit, USA) and National Honored Bandurist Choir of Ukraine named after them. G. Mayborody

HISTORICAL EVENT: THE JOINT CONCERT TO BE OPEN FROM 1941 Ukrainian band of bandura players T. Shevchenko (Detroit, USA) and National Honored Bandura Band of Ukraine by them. G. Mayborody                                                  
October 22, 19:00 at the National Theater of Ivan Franko
 within the framework of the INTERNATIONAL FORM OF BANDURISTS
on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Kyiv bandurist chapel
INTERNATIONAL BANDURIST FORUM (October 19-22, Kyiv, October 20, Chernihiv).
       In August 1918, with the assistance of Hetman Pavlo Skoropadsky, the bandurist Vasily Yemts created the first professional band of band music - the Kiev Kobza Choir. In 1923 the "Kyiv Bandurist Band" was formed - the framework of the first composition of which consisted of two banduras of the former "Kobzar choir" - Grigory Andriychuk and Georgiy Kopan. In 1941, the chapel went on a tour that ended in Germany, where in 1949 he emigrated to Detroit, where he works until now. The chapel's members have preserved a unique and destroyed pre-war repertoire in Ukraine, which contains religious works, church carols, republican, riot and rebel songs, musicianship and performance traditions, and, most importantly, the prewar instrument, a bandura of the Kharkiv type, which in Ukraine today only 4 are left . When the UKBimTsh launched a new roots in Detroit, USA, the band performed at more than 500 concerts in North America, Australia, Europe and Ukraine. Her charming sound was heard in the most prestigious halls of the world, such as: Carnegie Hall in New York, USA; Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, France; Messi Hall in Toronto, Canada; Lviv, Odessa and Kyiv Opera Theaters.
         Meanwhile, after the end of the Second World War, in 1946 in Kiev the activity of the chapel was restored by the creation of the State Bandura Band of the Ukrainian SSR, headed by talented musician Oleksandr Minkivsky.
         From the same time, two chapels formally are the only successors of the 1918 chapel. On this forum, they will FIRST gather together and will play a joint concert for the first time.
       Conducting a forum in 2018 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the creation of the first in the world of the unique Ukrainian artistic product - the Kyiv Bandura Chapel - it is an opportunity for the first time since 1941 to bring together the holders of Ukrainian art from different continents, which for almost 80 years in exile have cultivated a whole stratum, on sorry, destroyed during the Soviet period and virtually unknown in Ukraine. These are the musical traditions of the founders of the Kyiv chapel of bandurists, the acquaintance of the Ukrainian community with the unknown in Ukraine in the first half of the twentieth century, a tool - the band-type of the Kharkov type, the musical repertoire, the preserved representatives of the diaspora in emigration and the work of Hnat Khotkevych, who made a tremendous contribution to development. bandura performances of the first half of the last century. The International Bandurist Forum is a Ukrainian-American project sponsored by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation with the aim of jointly promoting and promoting Ukrainian national art in the world. The forum aims to build an effective platform for exchanging experiences between bandura and choral artists from Ukraine and the United States in the educational, research and artistic fields. The forum program includes panel discussions, scientific and theoretical conference, presentations of topical historical artistic explorations; contemporary musical, publishing, documentary and visual projects; projects devoted to the restoration of lost traditions of music and instrumentation; master classes and grocery stores from leading world performers (from Ukraine, USA and Canada, Argentina, Australia) and masters for making instruments, joint performances by Ukrainian and American bandura players. In particular, the presentation of the film Orest Sushka "The Brave Seventeen", devoted to the history of the emigration of the chapel to the United States during the Second World War (19 October at 19:30, CCM SBU)
Accreditation is obligatory!
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