An epic performance based on the work of Les Podervyansky in Kyiv

An epic performance based on the work of Les Podervyansky in Kyiv

The most scandalous production of Les Podervyansky again in Kiev! On May 3, the Caribbean Club Concert Hall will show an epic play "The Turnip, or What Don't you Fucking Understand" with the brilliant Alexey Vertinsky in the lead role. It is difficult to find in Ukraine a person who would never hear the funny and hooligan works of Les Podervyansky. Brutal, black-and very obscene-very obscene - they are just that and captivate. In this case, the mat is used in works so elegantly that it does not hurt the ears even to opponents of obscene vocabulary.

The author of the scandalous works come from an intelligent family - the son and grandson of artists. Yes, and he painted paintings that occupy a worthy place in many museums and private collections. But he began writing plays in the army - in letters to his friends. And the friends liked them so much that, after Podervyansky’s return from the army, they all gathered together and recorded the voice of the author reading his works.

At that far time, probably, the records of the "Na-Na" group were more popular in rewriting from tape to tape. But Lesya's creations eventually migrated to the Internet and do not lose popularity, gaining millions of views and auditions.

It was only in 2011, more than 30 years after the writing of the first texts, that they decided to stage performances on Podervyansky’s plays. At first, Pavlik Morozov was staged, and the following year, the performance “Dreams of Vasiliy Ugorovni” was released on a series of stories.

Both performances had considerable success with the viewer - each of them had a full house. And now, relatively recently, another production of Lesya appeared in Kiev - "Turnip, abo x * if it is not clear here."

This performance is rarely shown - no more than twice a year. And every time it is a full house. May 3, 2019 it can be seen on the stage of the Caribbean Club Concert Hall, beginning at 19:00 Kyiv time. Interestingly, before the performance for the audience will sing a mysterious performer named Gray. And, as promised by the organizers, his songs will set the audience to positive.

Well, you can buy tickets here. We advise to hurry, as there are very few places, and the interest of the viewer is huge.

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