In Kiev will be presented the melodrama "Letter from an Unknown Woman"

In Kiev will be presented the melodrama "Letter from an Unknown Woman"

Based on the eponymous novel by Stefan Zweig

Performance "Unknown Woman Letter"

The production of "Letter from an Unknown Woman" called the hallmark of Visavi Kiev theater. For more than twenty years the performance holds the public's attention with the success of collecting halls. It was shown in many cities of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, as well as in cities abroad.

"Letter from an Unknown Woman" - an ode to fidelity of a woman who has carried through all life love to a single man. This is a touching and tender, but very sad story with a plastic choreography elements. About it has been written a lot of accolades.


Performance is bright and certainly will not leave anyone indifferent, because it is based on one of the best works of Stefan Zweig. Sharp, strong, dramatic. A Russian theater of the city of Nikolaev notes "respect for the author, his language and plot", what will be especially important for those who are the source of roads. 

Singing praises Oda can be infinite, but it is better to go to the theater and see it all for yourself. And let each viewer decide for himself how the authors handled the undoubtedly challenge the interpretation of the great creations of acclaimed novelist. And CityCard will keep you informed about the most interesting events in the capital.

Author: Погрибная Инна
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