Evening Quarter: From Turkey as an encore

Evening Quarter: From Turkey as an encore

Program From Turkey as an encore - this is the best jokes on the most acute topics. Here, all guests will receive a portion of lethal humor, lifhaki about rest in beloved Turkey, many songs and bright miniatures. The actors of this studio have long become not just friends, but members of Ukrainian families, because the ideal formula for summer is the Turkish coast, humor from Vova Zelensky and Co. and, of course, excellent company and laughter. Welcome to the zone of high spirits! 1e8291571556907a95ce44dca9cd5b40.jpg

Ticket price: fr om 750-4000 hryvnia
When: June 6, 19:00
Wh ere: Freedom Event Hall, Kirillovskaya Street, 134

Author: Погрибная Инна
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