Spring Music Platform

Spring Music Platform

Spring breaks into the big city and makes everything around sing! That is why the most top artists of the country will gather on one stage and they will set the trends of the new season. Here you can hear the most relevant hits of Oleg Vinnik, TAYANNA, Sergey Babkin, Antibodies, ALYOSHA, Oksana Bilozir, Gena Viter, BB, Mint, DILEMMA, Tarabarova, Nikita Lomakin, LETAY, Michel Andrade, Zlata Ognevich ...
Ticket price - fr om 320 to 2750 hryvnia.
When: March 27, 19:00
Wh ere: Palace Ukraine, Bolshaya Vasylkovskaya Street, 103

Author: Инна Погрибная
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