The war of chimeras in Kinopanorama

The war of chimeras in Kinopanorama

It can be argued a long time about the need for critics to focus on the new Ukrainian cinematography, which promises to produce a record number of paintings this year, and you can point out such a meeting of viewers and critics to see the answer to their own eyes. It was with such an initiative that directors and producers of the new film The War of Chimeras, shot in the genre of creative documentary, Maria and Anastasia Starozhitsky, performed, and director of the Cinema Panorama Natalia Sobolev's cinema dedicated the sign day and time - 18.00 on January 18, 2018 to see the film from his further discussion by film critics.
The moderator of the discussion will be Olesya Anastasyeva, known for her constant struggle for the transparency of domestic cinema, critics agreed to be Sergei Trymbach, Yaroslav Pidhora-Gvyazdovsky, Yuri Volodarsky and Kateryna Slipchenko. It is interesting that some will see the film for the first time, so the impressions will be the freshest. 26168988_1642702352435386_4238317955318786591_n.jpg Dmitry Bykov (Russia) will take part in the discussion on Skype-connection. Until now, he was the only one from all the participants of the event to speak of the Chimera War, calling it one of the most important films of the last time, however, noted: I do not undertake to criticize this picture because it was done by people who cut themselves alive. Why has changed his decision and how he perceives a film about love, death and war, caused by Russian aggression, will be able to find out whoever visits the show.
The attention of the press is extremely important - in the end, a new format of cinematic displays is being tested, and it is also possible to write their own review on the film and on how it will be criticized.
Entrance for editorial licenses is free.

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