Choosing the future. Student film about Maidaт

Choosing the future. Student film about Maidaт

Student film about Maidan

Timed to coincide with the anniversary of the shocking and tragic events the screening of student short film titled "Choosing the future. Student film about Maidan" will take place at Kinopanorama.

During the event audience will see the result of serious works of three young Ukrainian filmmakers. To visitors will be presented a documentary film almanac "Black Notebook of Maidan", a documentary "The Citizen" and artistic short film "Day of Mourning".

February 18 at 20:00 at the "Kinopanorama" will be merged three films, three waves of context, three unequal forms embodying not only points of view of the Ukrainian filmmakers, but also the future development trends of the film industry in Ukraine will be determined.

The plans of the organizers of the event will go down not only to discussion and debates of the following development and changes in Ukrainian art, but also a large-scale educational tour of the cities of the eastern regions of the country to highlight the theme of the Revolution Benefits.

The show will be held under the auspices of the civil organization "Modern Ukrainian Cinema." All collected resources will be transferred to the Authority of the cinemas "Zhovten" and "Kinopanarama" and will be used as a charitable contribution to the elimination of damage caused by the recent fires.



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