Сoncert to the 100th anniversary of the National Chapel of Ukraine DUMKA

Сoncert to the 100th anniversary of the National Chapel of Ukraine DUMKA

March 11, 19:00 Anniversary concert to the 100th anniversary of the National Chapel of Ukraine "DUMKA" National Philharmonic of Ukraine, Volodymyrsky Uzviz, 2 The jubilee concert will take place on the stage of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine, where exactly the first 100 years ago (then at the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce) took place the first official concert of the choir dedicated to the anniversary of the death of Taras Shevchenko.
     The National Choir of Ukraine "DUMKA" (DUMKA Choir) is the number one choir in Ukraine and recognized by prominent musicians, composers and conductors, one of the best professional choral groups in the world, confirming the nomination the choir performance of the GRAMMY Award (2004), and numerous achievements and awards in many international prestigious musical contests and festivals, reviews of the world press, etc.
     The DUMKA chapel has performed with many success concerts in the most famous and prestigious concert halls of the world - CONCERTGEBOUW (Amsterdam), THE OLD WIC (London), CARNEGIE HALL (New York), the National Opera and the National Philharmonic of Poland (Warsaw), the National Opera Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, has repeatedly participated in many musical festivals in France, in particular - La Shez Doe, Alenson, Besançon, Saint Malo, and others like that.
     DUMKA performed with world-renowned musicians - Ennio Morricone, José Carreras, Krzysztof Penderecki and under the guidance of the outstanding conductors - the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (The Netherlands), Dwight Bennett (Canada), Walter Haupt (Germany), Michael Schonhage (Germany). Over the past few years, Dumka has released 22 CDs.
    As musicologist Yurii Chekan writes: "If there was a need to define the creative uniqueness of the" DUMKY "and its leader in a word, then the word" universalism "would correspond most to their creative credo. The versatility of the chapel is worthy of amazement; it manifests itself, first of all, in the repertoire of politics deliberately formed by Yevhen Savchuk. At least two areas are crucial here. The first one is music for choir a cappella. Traditional for the repertoire of Ukrainian choral groups processing folk songs coexist in the programs of concerts and numerous records of "DUMKI" with music of the West European Renaissance; the achievements of the national spiritual heritage (works by M. Dyletsky, M. Berezovsky, A. Vedelya, D. Bortnyansky, M. Lysenko, K. Stetsenko, M. Leontovich) - with examples of Russian romanticism (spiritual compositions by P. Tchaikovsky, O. Arkhangelsky, S. Rachmaninov). The second sphere of the repertory universe "DUMKI" - vocal-symphonic music. In this case, the universality of the collective is amazed: it seems that among the masterpieces of world music of different times and peoples, there is no such work that would not be executed by the chapel ... "Opinion" not only explicitly interprets universally accepted classical masterpieces in the world, forming a unique Slavic version of their reading - full of sincere lyricism, enchanting the beauty of the timbre, impressive by the perfection of the system, the flexibility of the pace and the richness of the dynamic palette. "Opinion" under the direction of Yevhen Savchuk is the first and often the only performer of many works of contemporary Ukrainian composers. Among the recent PM "DUMP" - "Diptych" and "Requiem for Larissa" V.Silvestrov, "Babyn Yar", "Panakhyd" and "The Word about Igor's campaign" Y. Stankovich, "Palimpsists" Y. Lanyuk ... Now " Thought "is on the choral Olympus. Students from Italy and Poland, Austria and Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands, France and the United States, Spain and Canada, Belgium and the UK could be sure of this. Having gained worldwide recognition and gaining unquestionable authority, the chapel confirms its unique level and status every time - in each concert, every performance, every recording. "
     In 2019 the "DUMKA" chapel will host a large concert tour dedicated to the 100th anniversary, and with many invitations it will be a welcome guest of many concert halls in the world.

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