Charity festival ZEBRA-WEEKEND

Charity festival ZEBRA-WEEKEND

Charity event of the "Via Concordia" fund

Caring and sharing are ones of the best virtues of human society. As in the days of overall fun, and in the darkest hours you should not forget that there will always be people who will be in need of any help.

Currently, the Goverment is unable to provide every child, victim defender or citizen of Ukraine with prostheses. Therefore Charitable Foundation "Via Concordia" decided on their own to draw public attention to the problem.

21-22 February 2015 at the Center for Contemporary Art "M-17" will be held ZEBRA-Weekend Fair, which will become the quintessential of good mood, real talents and joyful emotions. Creative hand-made, live music, hot dances will unite everyone who is not indifferent with destiny of the country and the future of young Ukrainians.

All received money on ZEBRA-Weekend will be directed to charity.

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