«Earth»: «DakhaBrakha»

«Earth»: «DakhaBrakha»

The restored film in Kinopanorama cinema

You can relax and spend time with style even during the workdays. The main thing is to choose the leisure by the taste. For example, what could be more informative and enjoyable than going at Wednesday night to the movies? But the choice of the film should be responsible too.

In 1930, the Soviet film director Alexander Dovzhenko shot a silent film "Earth". But it is not the decadence of the genre what led to the fact that the reel of film did not gain popularity. Picture was banned in the early days after its release, after that it was lost for many years in the archives.

Center of Dovzhenko took up the restoration of the film in collaboration with the talented team "DakhaBrakha" who wrote the accompanying soundtrack. It’s already a few years when finally “Earth” is available to the public, and the etnohouse sound is organically combined with the dramatic and authentic atmosphere of the movie about Ukrainian rural collectivization.

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