Golden whales Potap and Nastya

Golden whales Potap and Nastya

Golden whales duo calls a bold ellipsis, but not the dot

Whales, hits and scooters

Potap and Nastya - it's like dumpling and butter, borscht and pampushka, Chip and Dale. Their duo for ten years is considered to be the most popular in the country. During this time, they have accumulated a lot of great hits that this year they share with the whole country! This Wednesday Potap and Nastya waiting for their fans in the capital, which is already well-trained and give the show, which put a lot of effort, soul and talent. Golden whales blowing calls himself a bold ellipsis, but not the dot!


Price: from 250 UAH.
When: November 16, 19:00
Where: Palace of Ukraine (UKRAINE TM) Great Hall.

Author: Погрибная Инна
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