Anthropogenesis: origins, object, body: Eugene Shapovalov

Anthropogenesis: origins, object, body: Eugene Shapovalov

On May 26, the Art Gallery Manufaktura presents a solo exhibition of the Chernigov artist Yevgeny Shapovalov entitled Anthropogenesis: Origins, Object, Body. Anthropogenesis literally means the emergence and development (genesis) of man (anthropos) in a broad sense. In the context of art and this exhibition is the evolution of mankind in the manifestations of its ancient cultures, works, objects and shows of the most people without superfluous exaggeration.

Being in search of own style, using original technique, the author notices unexpected decisions. In his works interesting thoughts about everyday things are traced, and age-old subjects are revealed on a modern background. Eroticism in his paintings is a special look at a woman, an attempt to look into the secret world of her desires and instincts.


In the works of the young artist there is always a place for a bold experiment. He is critical to his work, receptive to advice and open to everything new that appears at the intersection of different approaches, styles and directions. The painter combines incongruous, mixes various techniques: pastel and oil, graphics and easel painting, easily changes genres, moving fr om a still life to a landscape, from nude nature to a portrait.

The artist respects the classics, wh ere he studied: This is the best school for an artist. I made copies trying to understand the technique of masters. In the process of learning came an understanding of what I will be doing. With what I will come to art, what trace I leave - you can not paint and do not ask such questions.

Eugene Shapovalov was born in 1986 in Simferopol. Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, a frequent participant of regional and all-Ukrainian exhibitions and international projects. The winner of the All-Ukrainian Plein Air The Best Artist
(Vinnitsa, 2017).

Inspired by the paintings of the young artist in the art gallery Manufacture can be until July 20, 2018.

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Author: Погрибная Инна
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