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    "Common features"

    "Common features"

    On July 14 at the  Jacob Grether art center will be presented an extraordinary project "Common features" duet of talented Ukrainian artists Maria Zrazhaevoy and Les Panchyshyn.
    Emotional portraits and fascinating exotic abstraction, which are intertwined together, open up the real hot Africa. The main idea of the exhibition is to hit the viewer an African expression that focuses both inside man and outside through the prism of bright colors.
    The "Similarities" is the place where the borders are erased Africa lost importance to the territorial, social origin or any stereotypes. The emphasis is on emotion and inner harmony. A person can be happy regardless of where he lives. Happiness - is the internal state.
    About the authors:
    Maria Zrazhaeva - young Kiev artist and part-time model is a new format of reports to the art audience and opens up a world of their interests and experiences through the African flavor. A participant of Ukrainian art projects. Her olive-work, filled with bright outspoken colors, in perfect harmony with the passed on them with positive emotions.
    Les Panchishin - Lviv artist, photographer and music video director. Participate in exhibitions that take place in Ukraine, Europe and the United States. Member of the SLAVA FROLOVA GROUP. It works on clips for young Ukrainian artists. He is the author of social advertising by request "houses of the Old Lion" Festival "SchedreEtno" magazine about successful Ukrainians «TheUkrainians.org».
    We invite you to grand opening, which will take place on July 14 at 19:00 at the Ya Grether art center

    Address: "Shulyavska" St., Vadym Hetman, 6 Str.
    SEC "Cosmopolitan", Block A, 4-6 floor

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