The Fighters for the Ukrainian State
03.07.2018 - 03.07.2018

The Fighters for the Ukrainian State

On July 3, at 15:00, an exhibition "The Fighters for the Ukrainian State" will be opened at the National Museum of History of Ukraine, which will present miraculously surviving rarities that will reveal the history of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army at an unusual angle. The exhibition is timed to the 111th anniversary of the birth of Roman Shukhevych. Visitors will see:
• a unique flag of Ukrainian nationalists seized by the Soviet partisans of the Kamyanets-Podilsky association in the 1940s, which miraculously survived in the museum's funds under Soviet rule, which was discovered in 2015;
• a seal made by the rebel artist Neil Hasevich;
• weapons used by rebels;
• OUN armbands;
• original insurgent leaflets and propaganda editions of the 1940s-50s, among which there are appeals to the enslaved peoples of the USSR, which were printed in other languages;
• a safe-deposit box in which the insurgent archive was stored, discovered in 2015;
• the things of the Upaz - Gulag prisoners: letters, diaries, photographs, documents, towels embroidered in exile;
• a large number of originals of various pictures with the rebels;
• Modern memorable medals and coins dedicated to UPA.
And more.
Visually the exhibition is decorated in the style of rebel creeks. The thematic consists of six blocks dedicated to the UPA leadership, its organizational structure, propaganda activities, peculiarities of the life of underground pilots, the UPA's foreign raids, and the results of the Ukrainian liberation movement of the 1940s-50s.
As the Director General of the National Museum of History of Ukraine, Mrs. Tatiana Sosnovska, says: "Every Ukrainian is worth visiting this exhibition. She acquaints with the circumstances of the UPA, the stages of its struggle against the Hitlerite, and against the Stalinist totalitarian regimes. Also, here you can find out about the everyday life of the Ukrainian rebels, who in fact had to fight enemies in extremely difficult conditions, while showing both heroism and self-sacrifice. "
At the opening of the exhibition, Mykola Protsyuk (son of Vasyl Protsyuk ("Kropivy") - Chief of Staff of UPA-South) will present his father's awards - two Golden Crosses of First Class Military Service and the highest military rewards of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army.
The opening ceremony will be attended by the people's deputy of Ukraine Yuriy Shukhevych, the son of UPA's chief of staff Roman Shukhevych. Also, representatives of the Ukrainian authorities, members of the Government, Parliament, and heads of the leading museums of Kiev were invited to the event.
Opening: July 3, Tuesday, at 15:00 on the third floor of the National Museum of History of Ukraine. Address: st. Vladimirskaya, 2.
Entrance to the opening of the exhibition is free.
For additional information, call 098 830 48 83 (Oksana).

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