#Excursion to the Weekend Day in Kyiv

#Excursion to the Weekend Day in Kyiv

The twentieth century is an extremely complicated and interesting period in the history of Ukraine, when our country was twice able to gain Independence. This is the day of the most massive and bloodiest conflicts in the history of mankind - First and Second World Wars, the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917-1921, the bloody times of the Bolshevik Terror and the struggle for Independence. The collection of artifacts of this period in the National Museum of History of Ukraine is enormous, and in the exposition are presented as true relics of the Ukrainian statehood, with which there are bounded moments of our history, and things that were an integral part of the everyday life of older generations of Ukrainians and their parents, some sort of several decades ago.


The excursion will be conducted by a senior researcher of the department of history of Ukraine of the twentieth century. ALYONE YAKUBETS.

Beginning - on Saturday, December 2, at 14:00.

To participate, you need to register in the form or telephone (044) 278-48-64.

Cost - 20 UAH + entrance ticket to the museum (50 UAH - full, 30 UAH - for schoolchildren / students / pensioners).


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