World of Kabuki open Japan Year in Ukraine
19.01.2017 - 19.01.2017

World of Kabuki open Japan Year in Ukraine

And a unique collection of kimono

World Kabuki in Kiev

President of Ukraine declared 2017 the year of Japan year. In this regard, in the metropolitan Museum of Art will open a major exhibition of Japanese art, which includes hundreds of works by the Japanese school schedules last century - Utagawa. The paintings are popular in Japanese Kabuki theater actors. Engravings exhibition depict the amazing transformation actors demonstrate their role. It is important that in the framework of the exhibition show in Kiev museum will be held lectures, master classes and screenings of films that will allow Ukrainians to become acquainted with the amazing Japanese culture. In addition, at the Art Museum in these winter days it will be possible to look at a unique exhibition of kimono collector Angels Betelgeuse.


Where: Museum of Art
When: January 20 - February 19

Author: Погрибная Инна
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