Oshibana - pictures of plants in the Museum of Hetman
02.10.2017 - 02.10.2017

Oshibana - pictures of plants in the Museum of Hetman

The exhibition presents a floral painting in the performance of a unique creative association, whose masters have for 15 years been bearing in their hearts and at the tips of their fingers love and high professionalism of the Oshibana - Palitra Flory. The composition of the association includes 11 artists: Berdnyk Tetyana (landscape, ladies, florograph, flower compositions), Blazchuk Irina (flower miniature), Protsko Valentina (landscapes from the physalis), Silchenkova Lyubov (floral mosaic), Elena Zaitseva (genre floristics) , Tetyana Mykhailychenko (works from poplar fluff), Olena Garna (landscapes, horses), Natalya Kozlov (pezazhi), Natalya Malovan (landscapes, compositions), Oksana Mushketik (landscapes), Larisa Dimnich (layouts of churches with straws).

Floristic painting - a unique art - does not tire to prove Tatiana Berdnyk - one of the founders of a creative association. - No wonder the International Society of Pressed Flowers Masters (IPFAS) requires that this kind of creative activity be seen as painting, not as a kind of decorative and applied art. Often, our artists relate to florists skeptically: in the price of oil, watercolors, pastels ... But foreigners are crazy about handmade - all that is born as a result of the painstaking, thoughtful and spiritualized manual labor.

This art is really bound up with witchcraft. From thin grass, poplar fluff, colored leaves, petals of flowers, without any paint and brush on paper come to life wonderful landscapes, compositions, still lifes, portraits...


For many centuries, the Japanese have paid special attention to plants, flowers, honoring them as a symbolic earth chain that combines all living beings. And in order to preserve the beauty and the benefit that gives us the contemplation of flowers and plants in nature, they created the art of Oshibana - paintings without a brush and paints of pressed flowers. Japanese Oshibani 600 years ... During this time she managed to conquer the hearts of millions of people around the world. At one time she was fond of daughters of Pushkin, wife of Leo Tolstoy, princess of Monaco Grace Kelly, English mistress Pamela McDowell, Russian Yurkov, Belarusian Tatiana Miezinina. In Ukraine, the Oshibana fell into the distant 70s, thanks to the true enthusiasts of this affair - Valentine Chaus, Nina Minchenko, Valentina Biletskaya. Today we can proudly say that Ukrainian Oshibana has also taken place! A special and original style with a touch of nostalgia for national color has gained Oshibana in Ukraine - thanks to our unique nature, colorful flora and unique, talented masters who receive prestigious awards from the rigorous Japanese and American judges at the international Oshibani contests.

When: 2 - 21 October
Where: Spasskaya Street, 16B

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