Opening of Yevhen Crip's personal exhibition
26.01.2019 - 26.01.2019

Opening of Yevhen Crip's personal exhibition

Eugene Krip is an extremely talented and original Ukrainian artist. He was extremely ironic, extravagant, very witty and European, and in its origin symbolizes the "cathedral" of Ukraine: his mother is from Chernihiv, his father is from Lviv. During the exhibition, a unique art album will be presented, a ceremony for the transfer of the works of Eugene Crip to the National Museum in Lviv by them will be held. Andriy Sheptytsky and the National Art Museum of Ukraine, as well as 2 films about the artist. Fans of creativity of the artist and colleagues fr om Lviv, Chernigov, Nizhyn and Germany come to the exhibition.
The future artist was born in Zhovkva, where, according to legend, Bogdan Khmelnytsky came to the world, where he taught Ivan Kripyaykevych, and wh ere there was a traditional icon painting school. Therefore, it is not surprising that the rich traditions of Ukrainian culture have been noticeably reflected in his work. In the Lviv Institute of Decorative Arts he received a good professional education from the teachers of the old school of Paris, Warsaw, Munich under the guidance of his beloved teacher, a Roman artist of the Roman Catholic cult. However, Krap is an extremely modern artist with his pronounced face. He boldly and resolutely deviated from the stamps, from all the usual, dominant in Soviet times of that time. His work has changed with time and forms several periods from realism to abstractionism. In any genre the artist did not work, his works invariably attract attention. Painting Crippa is like an oasis in the local art reserve of Soviet times.
A separate place in the creativity of Crippa occupy monumental paintings. Unfortunately, most of them have not survived. Extremely interesting are the paintings in the Nizhyn Pedagogical Institute, dedicated to Nicholas Gogol, which became the opening in the national art. The paintings in Nizhyn are a demonstration in honor of Gogol, and a demonstration of the professional skill of Cripp monumental.
An integral part of Crepe's creativity is the graphics. His drawings are at the level of samples of European art.
In 2012, Crip creates his famous triptych, in which he tries to draw attention to three prominent Ukrainians - Kazimir Malevich, Alexander Archipenko, and Maria Prymachenko.
"I liked Yevgen and such a feature as internal freedom. As for me, this feature should be the main not only for the artists, but in general for the creative personality. In those days when "socialist realism" prevailed in the former USSR, Krip boldly violated ideological dogmas, creating a new scenic aesthetics ", - says Alexander Bray. "Dill was well understood in the art. However, having modern views on painting, he did not reject anything valuable and authentic from the classics. And this applies not only to painting, but also to literature, music, etc. He listened with pleasure to Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi, and at the same time - Vertinsky and Vysotsky. As for Edgar Degas, the pastel becomes Cyrus's favorite technique. He loved the pastel, or not the greatest of all the contemporary artists that I knew. Throughout his life he returned to this technique. Lightness, purity of color, transparency of tone - all this attracts Eugene. Crepe worked in the north-Ukrainian city, devoid of bright colors, so the pastel colors were more suited to his restrained nature, and their main advantage is not in strength and brightness, but in refinement and simplicity. One of the most beloved themes in creativity is Cyrus - Still Life. Mostly it's flowers. He writes them differently, depending on the mood, then decorative, lyrical, or ascetic, but always everything is brought to a coloristic ideal. "
The creativity of Yevgeny Krip is extremely diverse and very valuable. His art is unique. He belonged to those donkeys who are trying to change this world for the better. The exhibition will feature 200 works from private collections, museums of Ukraine.

The exhibition will be held from January 26 to March 15 in the Bray-Slub art space at Andreevsky Uzviz, 3. Hours: from 11:00 to 17:00 (no weekends)

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