The opening of the exhibition There was New Year in the National Museum of History of Ukraine
23.12.2017 - 23.12.2017

The opening of the exhibition There was New Year in the National Museum of History of Ukraine

December 23, the National Museum of the History of Ukraine will host the opening of the New Year's Eve, which is dedicated to the history of New Year's Eve from ancient times to the present. The New Year's Era was the first such festive exhibition in the National Museum of History of Ukraine, which will become traditional from 2017. The exhibition consists of ethnographic, pre-revolutionary, pre-war and post-war parts, which are presented both in shop windows and in installations. It is possible to trace how the holidays originated in the pagan times, which changed in the rites after the baptism of Rus, what distinguished the celebration in the village and the city when in Ukraine began to set the fir trees and how they were decorated in different periods, starting from 1900.
The idea of the project is not to reveal the historical-scientific theme of winter holidays, how to create a unique portal, through which visitors to the museum will be transferred to their childhood and adolescence, recall the then festive mood, dreams and anticipation of a miracle. People perceive history through their own family memories, which are especially bright and warm at New Year's Eve. So this year we suggested our employees share memories from childhood and bring for the project Christmas decorations and leaflets that for many years created a festive mood for the whole family. In subsequent years we will ask all those who wish to join the project and to recreate the history of the holiday together, - says Tetyana Sosnovska, Director General of the National Museum of History of Ukraine. 25445916_751831161692871_7069663529820521193_n.jpg
Every Christmas decorations on the exhibition is associated with personal history. One of the staff of the NMU brought an adorned cardboard swallow in the nest, which, being a small child, found on thrown Christmas tree. She was hurt by the swallows in the cold, since this year, this decoration is one of the main ones on the fir tree in her home.
Specially for the New Year's Eve show, its collections of New Year ornaments were shared not only by museum workers, but also by well-known Ukrainian writer Lada Lusin and the State Museum of Toys and Private Collectors.
New Year's Eve Opening was held at 8:00 pm after the evening theatrical excursion from Roman to Jordan: winter holidays of Ukrainians on the second floor of the National Museum of History of Ukraine (Volodymyrska St., 2).
The exhibition will last until January 20, 2017.
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