Sergey Besedin. Viktor Tolochko. From the museum collection
12.10.2017 - 12.10.2017

Sergey Besedin. Viktor Tolochko. From the museum collection

On October 12, in the halls of the Museum of Contemporary Art, there are two brilliant masters, a student and mentor -virtuoso landscape painter Victor Ivanovich Tolochko and a meter of Soviet painting Sergei Fotionovich Besedin. The exhibition was also named Sergey Besedin. Viktor Tolochko. From the museum collection. This collection will provide an opportunity to get acquainted with each of these famous artists, to listen to their reflections, to feel the tension, strength and power of each of the paintings, to understand how they created their masterpieces.

Sergey Besedin (1901-1996) master of easel painting, graphic artist, unrivaled portraitist. Search, analysis, reflections and many sketches allowed the painter to find something elusive, individual in each of his models, he revealed the nature, habits and preferences of man. He respected everyone with whom he worked - be it a professor or a simple worker.

An outstanding teacher, professor, rector of the Kharkiv State Art Institute, Honored Art Worker, Sergey Besedin initially studied at the Kharkiv Art College, and after successful defense of the diploma, on the proposal of Professor Sharonov was left on pedagogical work. Since then, the creative and teaching activities of the artist went along. He himself said: "My creative and pedagogical work is the sister of my life. They live in harmony, complementing each other, go one way and one goal. " Sergei Fotiyevych's disciples scattered birds across different edges and became prominent masters themselves. One of them is Viktor Tolochko.


Viktor Tolochko (1922 - 2006) - People's Artist of Ukraine, veteran of the Second World War. Learn painting after the war. First at the Kharkiv Art School, and then at the Kharkiv Art Institute in S. Besedin, O. Kokel and O. Lyubimsky. After graduating from the Institute, Viktor Ivanovich was appointed to manage the Museum of Ukrainian Art in Yalta, which was located in the halls of the Vorontsov Palace. He was a good director and a great painter. Viktor Tolochko is an honorary academician of the Crimean Academy of Sciences, laureate of the Crimean Autonomous Republic Prize. These titles will not help to understand the work of the artist, but they emphasize great respect for his skill. And creativity - it is in front of the visitors. These are the gust of the wind, the roar of waves, the gulls of the gulls, this is a delicate aroma of steppe herbs. The colors of his work are felt by every cell of the body, they are filled with passion and energy of life. This year Viktor Ivanovich would celebrate his 95th anniversary.


We dedicate this exhibition to the memory of wonderful Ukrainian artists!
These incredible creators are no longer among us, but they are alive and their wonderful creations are proof of that. Come and see for yourself.

We are waiting for the opening of the exhibition on October 12, 2017 at 18.00.

Plan of the event:

18.00 - Performance of musicians. Modern academic music will sound - works by composers from the USA, Argentina, France, Belgium, Ukraine - William Albright, Albert Hinaxteri, Francis Poulenc, Claude Debussy, Christian Laub, Pit Svers, Pavel Kolpakov.
18.40 - Congratulations from art critic Irina Alekseyeva.
18.45 - Speeches of the guests of the event.
19.00 - Friendly communication in the museum courtyard.

The exhibition will last from October 12 to November 12, 2017.

The museum is open from 11.00 to 19.00 every day, except Monday. free entrance

The project coordinator is Onishchenko Tetyana
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Museum Address: street Kirillovskaya, 41, Kyiv
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