Treasure of the Museum of Modern Art
14.12.2016 - 14.12.2016

Treasure of the Museum of Modern Art

The best works of Ukrainian artists of the late XIX - early XXI century

White album. Collections treasures. Chapter 1

Ukraine's first private museum of contemporary art on the eve of the New Year opens his treasury with the best works of Ukrainian artists of the late XIX - early XXI century.


Treasures do not like to rush, they are treated slowly, peering in every creature, discovering the extraordinary skill execution and absorbing energy, which they are filled.

White album consists of three chapters, each of which represents the best artists of different generations. All of them worked in a variety of manners and styles, but they share a great love for his work.


Chapter One opens the work of iconic artists - I. Ayvazovskogo, A. Erdeli, I. Bokshay, M. Deregus, F. Manaylo, T. Yablonskoy, W. Sause, E. Kulchitskoy, L. Levytskyj and others. Each of them - Maestro of the art, which brilliantly displays the time and clearly demonstrates the talent.

Spiritual pearl of treasure is a collection of icons that display the stylistic features and originality of the Ukrainian masters.


Christmas miracles had already begun. Visiting the exhibition The White Album you like, will be taken on a journey through time and, flipping through the pages of history, you will hear a sincere confession and clean each piece.

Welcome to the Modern Art Museum of Ukraine, and enjoy the magnificent treasures of the museum's collection.


When: from December 15, 2016 to February 5, 2017
Address: Str. Cyrillivska (Frunze), 41, Kyiv
The museum is open: from 11.00 to 19.00, the day off - Monday
Admission: Free 

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