Performance Galka Motalko

Performance Galka Motalko

Galka Motalko is a partly biographical story of the talented and well-known playwright Natalia Vorozhit (Cyborg), in which the secrets of the woman's life are revealed. This is almost a fictitious story from one unreasoned boarding school. 14499.jpg
Events take place in the distant nineties, on the verge of collapse of the Union. In the life of the main character, Galki, there is a real miracle. She passes the selection to a sports boarding school, where fr om morning till night, champions are trained. Here only in such places are taught not only to win at the olympiads ... Here they prepare for the most real adult life ...
The cost is 200 UAH
When: July 20, 20:00
Wh ere: Olympic College named after Ivan Poddubny, Mateyuka Street, 4

Author: Погрибная Инна
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