Meeting with Ukraine, landscapes and still lifes
30.01.2017 - 30.01.2017

Meeting with Ukraine, landscapes and still lifes

Made by Kiev artist Alexei Koval

Meeting Exhibition Gallery Green Sofa

Just two years ago in the Green Sofa Gallery held the first exhibition of the Kiev artist Alexei Koval. Now she continues, and at the opening of the exhibition this year, the author will be present in person.

The last time a particularly strong impression was made portraits surrounded by beautiful ornaments in baroque style. As the author himself says, all the meetings in our lives - not random. Sometimes it happens that the person you meet, hear music, see the picture and feel like you knew them always know to the smallest dash, notes smear. Probably looks so fateful bond that thin thread reaches us through the rest of our lives.


It is a fateful meeting with the works of Alexei Koval. His paintings enamel called code of the nation, the quintessence of all that you have seen or know about Ukraine, nature, travel, life. Especially attractive is the extreme durability of painting on enamel: no matter how many centuries had passed, these pictures will not change. Therefore, the theme for Art Alexei chooses timeless, eternal. Through them you can feel the connection between generations. The exhibition Alexei Koval meeting you will have to wait for new works of masters of the series Ukraine, landscape, still life in the art of hot enamel, and also demonstrated earlier in Lviv colored etchings by the artist.

Where: Gallery Green Sofa, Armenian, 7.
When: 31.01 - 19.02
Telephone: +380 (32) 235-75-49

Author: Погрибная Инна
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