Apocrypha Exhibition  at the Hetmanate Museum
17.09.2018 - 17.09.2018

Apocrypha Exhibition at the Hetmanate Museum

The Museum of Hetmanship from September 17 to October 8, 2018 exhibits an exhibition "APOCRYF" of the Ukrainian artist painter, illustrator, teacher Vladimir KALNENKO The two large-scale triptychs "Maidan" and "All the fighters for the freedom of Ukraine" show the artist's pain, his challenge, his "patriotic painted art brush". The paintings combine autobiographical moments (the image of their own son-fighter, the citation of their own paintings) with postmodern elements, biblical subjects, post-revolutionary and eternal symbols
Volodymyr Kalnenko was born on January 21, 1944. in the Kyiv region, studied at the Institute. Repin (in the past - St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, where she studied and Taras Shevchenko), in his apartment on the banks of the Neva launched "Taras Nights". In 1986, when Chernobyl exploded, Volodymyr Ivanovich returned to Kyiv to revive the Ukrainian art here, which is rooted in the Ukrainian soul ...


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