The Art of Mammoth Hunters exhibition

The Art of Mammoth Hunters exhibition

Just for two weeks, starting on June 15, 2018, the National Museum of Ukrainian History will display originals of unique artistic products created by mammoth hunters over 14,000 years ago. The Art of Mammoth Hunters among other exhibits will present ten unique bone pieces - artifacts from the early Stone Age, found in Ukraine at two munition hunters sites: Mizinskaya (Chernihiv region) and Kirilivska (Kyiv). One of the monuments of the Mizinsky Park is unique. This is a bone bracelet adorned with one of the most ancient images of the Meandra pattern, as well as stylized female figures - birds decorated with a geometric ornament.


These sights are extremely valuable, and require special storage conditions due to their vulnerability. In particular, a bracelet with a meandering pattern is compiled from over thirty fragments. These products were last exhibited in 2004-2005 at an exhibition at the National Museum of Natural History in France. A necessary condition for the exhibition, through which Ukraine then agreed to give France its monuments, was the creation of their copies in the world-famous restoration workshop of the Louvre. These copies are presented in a permanent museum exposition. But in the second half of June, the museum guests will be able to see art sights, some of which have been around 20 thousand years.

Opening of the exhibition - on Friday, June 15, at 14:00. The exhibition will be valid until June 30, 2018.

Entrance to the opening of the exhibition is free.

Address of the National Museum of History of Ukraine: street. Vladimirskaya, 2.
For additional information, call 093 835 16 96 (Leonid).

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