The exhibition "Collection of Values"

The exhibition "Collection of Values"

April 22 - May 29 at Gallery 14
The exhibition "Collection of Values" Alexander Nikitiuk represents objects, painting, series of photos, which are documents Environnement art (compositions created in the environment at different times, in different geographical locations). The project is not limited to the space of the gallery, with the echo in the surrounding area of ​​the estate. The exhibition, according to the author's intention, is a holistic conceptual design, the study of how certain objects change their meaning and value in the context of their perceptions.
This project is a creative research-development, the continuation of the ideas of Western conceptualist, of course, based on the experience "of the game with simulacra" postmodernists. The author sends his works to the audience thought known in the narrow circles of experts the names of contemporary art, quotes, images and statements.
Where: St. Michael's Lane, 14
When: April 22 - May 29, 11:00 AM

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