Under the lampshade Exhibition. The history of one family
07.09.2017 - 07.09.2017

Under the lampshade Exhibition. The history of one family

Family values ​​- Family ties

The Rapoport-Fainerman-Agamyan family Exhibition

September 7, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Ukraine invites to the opening of the exhibition Under the lampshade, which takes place within the framework of the project Family values - Family ties.

In the first moon of the bright autumn the museum presents a wonderful exhibition of the Rapoport-Fainerman-Agamyan family.

Boris Naumovich Rapoport - a man of a difficult destiny. He grew up in a family that was not circumvented by Stalin's 1937 repression. The future artist was rescued by the teachers of the art school, in which Boris entered. His talent was appreciated in America at the exhibition of talented young people of the Soviet Union, and one of his paintings, written at the Kiev Art Institute, acquired the National Art Museum of Ukraine. It was the beginning of a creative path, and then there was work, exhibitions, recognition of talent ... His exquisite and lyrical works bring pleasure to all who appreciate the good taste and skill of execution.

Hanna Lvovna Fainerman has gone through her unique way of post-war youth - study, work at the factory, participation in the restoration of post-war Kiev ... Once Archipelago Kuinshi said: In order to become a good artist, one must even sleep with an album and pencil. That's what happened with Anna. She always made sketches, sketches, sketches, wrote poems ... Plots of her work are ordinary, but filled with world and joy, pulsating magnificent colors, causing the capture of sincere hearts. The creative marriage was extended in descendants: daughters Elena Agamyan and Lyubov Rapoport, grandsons Anush Agamyan and grandson Grigory Grigoryan - who absorbed energy, creativity and knowledge of the older generation, supplemented it with their individuality and uniqueness.

Elena Agamyan is a great master, her work is a reflection of the touching and delicate nature. She is the author of the project Museum in a suitcase. Collects and archives the creative achievements of their parents.

Lyubov Rapoport with its special style immediately draws attention. She experiments, combining passion and comfort, reality and imaginary world. She generously shares her imagination, world and images with the viewer.

Anush Agamyan, daughter of Elena, fashion designer, creative personality full of imagination. He is the author of the Pletena Kniga project, which aims to unite Ukrainians with kind words, sincere wishes, and love for their native land. She participates in the educational events of the International Children's Theater Festival PTAKH.

Grigor Grigoryan, son of Anush, young and gifted. Engaged in photography, graphics, studying painting. It is always interesting to contemplate the flowering and growth of talent. And we have this opportunity.


Families, friends, artists, art historians, academics, museum designers and gallery owners, teachers and students of creative universities are people who want to join in contemplating the wonderful works of this exquisite, intelligent, creative dynasty, all of them will gather under the lampshade.

We are waiting for you on September 7 at 6 pm at the opening of the exhibition Under the lampshade.

This unique warm meeting with the family of Ukrainian artists will become a gulp of fresh air in tense and stressful autumn days. Communicating with artists of the creative family, a glass of wine and the unique cozy atmosphere of the museum will give an opportunity to dissolve in creativity, colors, images.

The exhibition will last from September 7 to October 8, 2017
Project Coordinator - Onishchenko Tetyana
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