Family. Skill. Tradition exhibition
16.11.2017 - 16.11.2017

Family. Skill. Tradition exhibition

November 16 The Museum of Contemporary Art of Ukraine presents painters of the genus Krasny - Olkhov with the exhibition Family. Skill. Tradition. The project of the museum Family Values ​​- Family Relationships" once demonstrates the powerful power of the family with its different fates, characters, abilities, but with the same perseverance, work ability and skill. Founders of the FAMILY - Ivan Nikolayevich Krasny (1917-1990) and Slava Naumovna Livshits (1915 - 1995). It all began with a fateful meeting in Samarkand, where during the evacuation, young people loved each other. Ivan Krasnyi in 1942 worked on the restoration of Gur-Emir - a masterpiece of Islamic architecture of the Middle Ages, where for the first time declared to Glory in love. At the same time, he perfectly defended the diploma project Samarkand Circus and was carried away with a watercolor. This tender and filigree technique was in harmony with the mood of the lover of the artist and he captured his passion throughout life. Glory of Livshits in Samarkand has created one of the best series of his works, this love inspired and gave the features of her creativity.

The SKILL obtained in educational institutions was further polished, enriched and embodied in the incredible works of creators: Ivan Nikolaevich - a lyrical singer of nature and a poet of watercolor and Slava Naumovna - a mistress who fascinates the variety and richness of the color palette.

TRADITION of parents continued in children - Tatyana Krasny, son-in-law of Alexander Olkhov and granddaughter Marina Olkhovaya.


Tatyana Krasna absorbed everything better from her parents and transformed into her own vision of the world. It is open and harmonious, its works bear the charge of positive, love and beauty.

Alexander Olkhov started painting in 4 years, repainting the pictures he found in the books. This natural talent, great talent, good teachers, incredible enthusiasm for art, searching for one's place in life gave a remarkable result - now it's a Maestro, whose work does not leave indifferent audiences.

Marina Olkhov in love with watercolor. Noble, exquisite, subtle watercolor art in her blood.

You can write about life, achievements, many exhibitions and awards of each wizard for a long time, but it is better to see the work of this extraordinary family, to feel the sincerity of their work and to communicate with Tatiana, Alexander and Marina, finding out for yourself exactly what will attract your attention in the work each of the artists.

Perception of each other - dialogue, mutual enrichment - creation of a new one. That's exactly how development is going on, skills are acquired and traditions are laid. We are traditionally waiting for you at the opening of the exhibition on November 16, 2017 at 18.00.

This wonderful evening will take place under the sounds of modern academic music from the works of Arnold Schoenberg - Austria (USA), Pierre Boulez - France, Karlheinz Stockhausen - Germany, Sergey Zazhhitko - Ukraine, William Bolkiah - USA, Pavel Kolpakov - Ukraine.

The head of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine Volodymyr Chepelyk, the President of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine - Rector of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture Andriy V. Chebykin, Deputy Minister of Culture Karandev Rostislav Volodymyrovych, artists, gallery owners, friends of the family and museum have been invited to the exhibition.


Plan of the event:
  • Solemn opening of the exhibition
  • Musical greetings from the performers Anastasia Tovstonog - piano, Varvara Turti - piano, Artem Shestovsky - bass clarinet, Mykola Chikarenko - piano
  • Speeches of participants and guests of the event
  • Presentation of the catalog of Ivan Krasnyi dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the artist and the anniversary of the 100th anniversary of the National Academy of Arts, in which the artist taught almost half a century.
  • Friendly communication in the museum courtyard.

The exhibition will run from November 16 to December 17, 2017.

The museum is open from 11.00 to 19.00 every day, except Monday. free entrance
The project coordinator is Onishchenko Tetyana
Phone: +38 (067) 250 51 17
The address of the museum: street. Kirillovskaya, 41, Kyiv

Author: Погрибная Инна
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