The Divergence of Reality art-exhibition
15.07.2017 - 15.07.2017

The Divergence of Reality art-exhibition

This is freedom of expression, creative search and a decisive experiment

The works by talented painter Sergyi Lutsenko

July 15 in the Art Gallery of the Manufacture took place the long-awaited opening of the exhibition Divergence of the reality of the young talented painter Sergyi Lutsenko. The exposition is dedicated to people, human feelings, and such eternal concepts as life, love, time, shown through the prism of artistic perception of the author.

Sergei Lutsenko pleasantly surprised the public by the style of the works presented. In his surrealistic compositions, the painter boldly models space with color and various, sometimes chaotic strokes, depending on artistic goals.

Filled with dynamics, living energy and deep philosophy of the painting, they turn directly to the subconscious of the viewer. They invite for a while to plunge into themselves, exploring not only the hidden corners of the author's inner world but also finding answers to exciting questions in the expanses of his own soul.

The state of creative search in me will always be present. I'm not interested in writing the same pictures. I like to experiment and feel something new. In another way, I do not see myself, - the author himself says about his creative transformation.

A solemn event, on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition, gathered in his circle close, friends and acquaintances of the artist. The relaxed atmosphere of the evening was sparked by the positive and happy smiles of the guests, and the art encouraging dialogue made friendly communication of special expression and meaning. Many of those present noted Sergey's incredible diligence, skill and constant striving for spiritual and professional development. Therefore, traveling to the surreal worlds of its colorful canvases, it was easy to recharge the driving energy of their creator.

The divergence of reality is not just painting. This freedom of expression, creative search, and a decisive experiment touching which, opens an impartial view of the usual things, where each decision determines the correctness of the decision.

The exhibition will last

from 15.07.2017 until 15.09.2017


: Obukhovskoye shosse, 2

Working hours

: Every day from 11.00 to 21.00

Information by phone:

+38 (044) 200-97-47




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