Exhibition – Painting

Exhibition – Painting

On April 21 at the Art Center Ya Grether
Art Center of J. Grether represents a major personal project by painter Igor Mikula from Lviv with philosophical title “Close”, which leads us to the desired harmony and reveals the author's vision on this concept.
 What is harmony? How to achieve it? In the history of aesthetic harmony has always been regarded as an essential characteristic of beauty. We always talk about harmony in art and music. It is present in the works that survived centuries and affects us in everyday life. The aim of the exhibition “Close” to find it, give impetus to action, because it is near.
The artist Igor Mikula in their extremely warm and sensual works depicting their own vision essence of being. So the main idea of the exhibition is a magical prayer of happiness. For the author - is primarily a harmony with itself, the harmony of love, of family, harmony with the environment and society. Harmony - a path and true purpose of human.
About the Author: Lviv artist Igor Mikula won the audience not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe. The author is a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. The participant more than 20 international exhibitions and national plein airs. The artist works in easel and monumental paintings, sacred art and graphics. His paintings are in private collections in Ukraine, Poland, the UK, the USA and Switzerland. In early 2016 Igor successfully presented personal project at the art gallery “Manufactura”.
All works are available for purchase.
Where: Art. m. "Shulyavska" street. Vadym Hetman, 6
SEC "Cosmopolitan", Block A, 4-6 floor
When: 21.04-3.07
Open daily from 11:00 to 21:00
Information, tel.: 200-07-60

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