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    Painting for dvoh!

    Painting for dvoh!


    Painting for dvoh!

    Art-Studio "Pencil" is the opportunity to complement your interior together!

    If you are fond of painting, or just love to draw, even though you and is not very professional, do not hesitate, all fixable, and not so sad. There is a great opportunity to invent your own personal masterpiece with your friend, sister, brother or colleague. For this art-studio "Pencil," came up with a unique opportunity to create a joint painting with the dear man.

    This is a very good way to spend a holiday together, anniversary or just to relax, doing what he likes. It's so wonderful when the fetus, the creation and sharing of creative endeavors would be the best gift that you can think of! The finished product will remain in the memory and dignity decorate home interiors. Probably there are few things, gifts that are valued above all else.

    Maybe you did not know, but the creative process helps to stay or to find psychological comfort. You can even look deeper and understand what it gives us to learn how to go through life in one leg together to make decisions, to listen and to help each other, and much more.

    Colors you apply at a time that will allow you to contemplate the creation of your own pictures. All the materials that you need, it's all there in the studio and is waiting for you.

    The duration of the event will be 3:00.
    can record at tel .: (063) 958 23 95.
    Take advantage of the services of Art Center "pencil" you can before September 2.
    Address: Str. Vasylkivska 37

    Author: Погрибная Инна

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