Gold fund of Lithuanian mini textile

Gold fund of Lithuanian mini textile

Until May 16 KalitaArtKlub

As part of a large-scale joint interstate project of Lithuania and Ukraine, "Ukraine-Lithuania. Cultural Partnership 2016" April 20, 2016 in the gallery "KalitaArtKlub" the opening of the exhibition of contemporary textile "MINI GOLD FUND TEXTILE OF LITHUANIA" which runs until 16 May 2016 This work more than 30 authors who represent the clearest way the search for and achievement of contemporary Lithuanian textile. The purpose of the drafters of the collection - to popularize Lithuanian textile art, thus joining to spread Lithuanian culture, allowing people from other countries to get acquainted with the visual art of Lithuania. The works presented at the exhibition, has been put in the golden fund of Lithuanian textile art. They have also been exhibited at international exhibitions, have received important awards.
Where: street Academic Bogomolets, 6
When: until 16 May at 11:00

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