Jazz for adults with Alexei Kogan

Jazz for adults with Alexei Kogan

On January 24, the Caribbean Club Concert Hall invites you to get to know jazz and break away from everyday life with Alexey Kogan and the Jazz in Kiev Band team. “If you ask what jazz is, then you will never understand it,” Louis Armstrong once said.

“Jazz for adults” with Alexei Kogan is a magical evening for music lovers and connoisseurs of high-quality music.

5 reasons to visit “Jazz for adults”:
• hear live world famous legendary compositions;
• relax with live musical illustrations performed by the band Jazz in Kiev Band;
• hear non-fiction stories about the personality of jazz from Alexei Kogan;
• enjoy the highlight of the show - choreography of the ballet NC-17 Showballet;
• see the only jazz show 18+.

“You will like this music if you let someone else in yourself, except yourself, and hear the inner voice: - Hello! I am music. Move over, I'll sit next. Perhaps she will enter your heart, and perhaps not. It happens in different ways,” - says Alexei Kogan.


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