SILENT HILL PARTY | Event agency NeverLand

SILENT HILL PARTY | Event agency NeverLand

How to start the New Year good? Of course, a new thematic party, terrible and interesting at the same time! NeverLand event agency invites everyone to visit a thrown place and open a portal in a secret world at Silent Hill Party.

This is a place where there are things for which there are no explanations. Immersion in other worlds, in parallel reality ... Memories that live forever ... Birth of blind deities and mysterious disappearances of people ... Is there any connection between these phenomena? What became the reason that history went exactly this way? Can you understand all the puzzles of Silent Hill and get out of the dark room? ...

The atmosphere will be created in a real bunker - the former bomb shelter. Here, under the ground, you will be able to break into full, what will our program help with.

For you will play Kyiv bands "More forests" (shoegaze / ambient) and Gentle Ropes (gothrock / darkgaze), Smereka Beats project (electronica / techno), Divuar, Weeper, Nocturnal and SS Divisions, dance magic monsters and dramatized Performance based on various parts of the game Silent Hill.

The mood will be supported by the quest, a specially designed Maze Quest for this party. For this purpose, two club rooms will be converted into quests-rooms with their own special inhabitants.

The Drunken Beard thematic bar will present a terribly delicious menu with dishes and drinks that are also prepared for this party only.

For those who want to complete their image, a make-up will come in handy for anyone who wants to work.

Party dress code: thematic dresses of the characters or monsters of Silent Hill; or any other creepy costume; or gothic / industrial / metal clothing. Remember that guests can also create an atmosphere, so we urge you not to look ordinary!

Date: January 26, 2019
Time: 19:00 to 06:00
Address: Kiev, st. Magnitogorsk, 1-B, Boonker Place
How to get to the party
Price: 150 UAH to 25.01.2019, 200 UAH on the spot on the day of the party
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