Dance party Arctic Dreams

Dance party Arctic Dreams

The center of frosty freshness and gentle coolness

DJ ICE at Indigo Ambitious Project

Hot? July 29 Indigo Ambitious Project will pleasantly cool you! Dance party Arctic Dreams is a center of frosty freshness and sparing coolness of alcoholic drinks with ice in the center of the city. The headliner of the evening is a cool guy with a warm soul and hot tracks - DJ ICE. Support: Duffy, Yampolsky, Dan.


When: July 29, 23:00.
Where: St. Kudryashova, 3
Phone: 044 500 00 11 and 094 905 90 46
Entrance: 100 UAH. The girls are free to enter. The club cards and guest lists are free.

Author: Погрибная Инна
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