Party Edward & Oskar Offermann

Party Edward & Oskar Offermann

Where are the most fervent and incendiary parties in the city? In the club Closer. This is exactly the answer those who have ever visited hot parties with star guests. This time, the capital's audience with their musical German greetings will please Edward & Oskar Offermann. 2913650115948729239662073329019788100894720n_5abdfd59838f3.jpg
Here, house-techno mood and rhythms will reign, fr om which the body itself starts to dance. This night, the Kiev audience learns what the modern European electronic scene is living. Emotional, penetrating, hypnotic ...
When: May 26, 2018; 23:55
Wh ere: art club Closer, ul. Nizhneurkovskaya, 31

Author: Погрибная Инна
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