Gods of Georgian dance in Kiev
08.03.2017 - 08.03.2017

Gods of Georgian dance in Kiev

Dangerous dances of Georgian men

Ballet Sukhishvili in the Ukraine palace

Hurricane on stage, the eighth wonder of the world, the gods of Georgian dance - as soon as they do not call the ballet Sukhishvili! Anyone who has ever visited a concert of this dance collective will never forget about it! The world-famous National Ballet of Georgia, which performs "dangerous dances of Georgian men" will once again visit the Ukrainian capital, where, traditionally, it gathers a sold-out! In order that finally all fans of incredible talent could see the magic of the dance, Sukhishvili's ballet will immediately speak to the Ukrainians for four days!


The cost of tickets: from 1300 to 1750 hryvnia
When: 9-12 March, 19:00
Where: National Palace of Arts Ukraine

Author: Погрибная Инна
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