Fight Club at the Art Plant Platform
11.05.2017 - 11.05.2017

Fight Club at the Art Plant Platform

Fight Club - only having lost everything, you gain freedom.

Fight Club - only having lost everything, you gain freedom

A new game with immersion in the movie with the elements of the quest from Mystery Play based on the movie "Fight Club." Make your choice!
You will be the narrator and Tyler Darden, Marla and the common soldier, you will sleep and be awake, will be for extremism and the project "Defeat", and against it, and you will have to choose on whose side you are - on your own or ... again on your own . The correct option is not.
Feel everything on themselves will help our actors, make-up, locations for 3000 m2, 3D-projection and fights. Well, fights will be fake - only actors will beat each other. Your main battle is fighting with yourself, and this is the most brutal battle in which you are participating.
Everything will be like in the movies, only real.
Who can play in the Fight Club: both men and women - it's hard to give Marla the role of a brutal bearded man; Both singles and companies of friends or colleagues - in one game can participate up to 100 people at a time.
When: Games are held every Friday and Saturday from 12/05/2017
Start time: 18:30, 19:30
Where: Art Plant Platform

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